About Us

MonteOne believes its foundation and greatest asset is its people.

When we have a well-trained, properly compensated, and dedicated workforce with opportunities for growth, we are able to deliver our best. To ensure peak performance at all times we invest heavily in our people, spending a sizeable portion of our earnings on benefits and insurance, continuing education, latest technology, and redundant safety measures.

Our policy to continually hire and train new team members and to work with suppliers and professionals from different fields keeps the entire team fresh and responsive to our clients’ needs. MonteOne has grown from a staff of 2 into an organization of over 200 including office and construction personnel and we are committed to developing each individual to build the company as a whole.


Monteone believes that construction builds the nation. With every structure erected, whether a home, store, school, or factory, we contribute to the growth, security, dignity and pride of each individual and community that uses it. We therefore consider it our responsibility to build each of these structures with utmost integrity by supplying the best technology, materials and skills, within the specified budget and timeframe. We are committed to continuous improvement of our team through learning, practice and mutual support. When MonteOne constructs we bring together these fundamental principles of teamwork, integrity and nation-building — We Build as One.